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Friday, 27 July 2012

We split form Split.


Today we went to check out and pay our bill at the hostel. No, I'm sorry Simon, we don't accept credit cards, only cash. We have a habit of not carrying too much cash with us, especially when it's Croatian Kunas as they are no good anywhere else. In fact we had none at all.

There was a cash machine about four kilometres down the road so I jumped on the bike and took of to raid the machine. So there I was, solo, a pocket full of cash, and a bike that was pointed south. Oh so tempting. The I realised Suzanne had my passport. Trapped again!

Back at the hostel we settled the bill, mounted up, and headed toward Dubrovnik. It's only a couple of hundred Ks away, so we should do that in a few hours. I was still thinking Australian roads.

This was the ultimate motorcycle road. It was a serpentine beauty that went up and down through the mountains as well. If you're a moto head, Google map the road along the coast from Split to Dubrovnik. Wow! The bits that ran along the edge of the high cliffs were a little disconcerting, but I'm starting to get used to them. Another twelve months of this and I should be right. Of course there is always a downside. It was 33 degrees, and then it rained. Yes, it was humid. After about an hour I was exhausted. We pulled into a little village called Grdac and found a very nice hotel for lunch. Hotel Saudade overlooked the beach and we enjoyed a very pleasant three course lunch.

The BM wanted to check in.
Lunch view.
Waiting for lunch. Checkout the cool (no pun intended) way the serve your wine. It's in a small carafe which is in turn placed in an ice water filled glass bucket. Excellent.

Back on the road to Dubrovnik and more of the same. More bends, more mountains, more fun. We rounded on bend and thought we had run into a toll booth. It turned out to be the Bosnian border checkpoint. They were stopping all he cars and checking passports but, get this, they waved us straight through on the bike. We crossed a very small section of Bosnia and then we went another border check, again unchecked, back into Croatia. No one even looked at our passports. What the? Another hour or so of biking heaven and we were in Dubrovnik.

A quick ride around and sticky beak and we found a room right across the road from the old city walls entrance. We can go in and explore tomorrow.

We had dinner in a pizza bar downstairs and met Anna, from Campbelltown, who is here on holidays. Sorry Anna, the photos Suzanne took didn't turn out. We hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

That was a big day. Tomorrow the old city, then onward to somewhere in Montenegro. Probably Bar. It has a nice ring to it's name.

Where's Rex's Buff?

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