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Friday, 13 July 2012

R&R day in Portschach – We can’t be bothered doing anything.


As of today we only have loose plans for most of the trip. We have to be in Greece for a Horizons Unlimited meeting by the end of the month, and in Rome in early September to meet up with my sister for a Mediterranean cruise, but otherwise we are free to wander.

The initial plan for today was to head toward Mugello for the Moto GP on next Sunday but I’m so relaxed that I’m not sure if I want to go to the GP. Maybe later in the season, Valencia possibly? We amended the plan to stay another night in our beautiful hotel and we’d spend the day tidying up a few bits and pieces, like sending a box of Kryolan paint home that Suzanne bought yesterday and some clothing back to the UK, attending to some mail and paperwork, doing some laundry, and rationalising the gear we have on the bike. Good plan. What we actually did was sleep in, do nothing all day but recover from the last four days and nights, have a 4pm lunch, and go for a walk. It was an extremely relaxing day.

We were sitting outside on a balcony at our hotel overlooking Lake Worthersee again, it is just so stunning.

We were wondering whether we should go and get something to eat or just have an early night. It was about 8pm and we were both exhausted and ready to call it a day. Then Johannes came up to us and asked if we would like to have dinner at the hotel. We knew that a booking was required the day before and we were a little disappointed that we hadn't squeezed in one meal here, so we jumped at the suggestion. Done!

Now this was no ordinary meal. No menu was presented, and we weren't asked what we would like. We were just presented with the first course which was followed by six more. I am struggling to find superlatives to describe this meal it was so good. Each course was so different, but complimented the previous one. If I've had a better meal I don’t remember it. Johannes is a wonder in the kitchen and I actually asked him to marry me. When I asked if he trained as a chef he said no. What he does is when he has a meal somewhere that he really loves he asks the chef if he can work in the kitchen for two or three days and learn how to make it. He then rolls up with a Dictaphone and camera to record the process and works in the kitchen. He then practises back at the hotel until he is happy with the result and offers it to his guests. What a brilliant and simple idea. I wonder what would happen if I try this when I get home?

As the evening wore on it got dark and it was a little hard to see. Johannes gave us some clip on lights for or plates so we could see what we were eating...then  the  inevitable happened and we had to play...

Sorry guys, it had to be done.

Where’s Rex’s Buff?

This poor little guy was soooooo tired that when I picked him up and gave him a cuddle he went to sleep. He didn't want the Buff on but once I explained that we had washed it since Rex wore it he was fine with it.

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