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Monday, 23 July 2012

Zadar, and another rest day.


We decided to have another rest day today in Zadar. Suzanne spent the day in bed and I started culling some gear from our stockpile on the bike. The only thing of interest today was breakfast.

Our digs for the night.

We went downstairs and sat down. The waitress came over and asked what we would like: ham and eggs, cheese and ham, cake (yes, cake), bread and jam, omelette? We both said yes to an omelette. She then asked if we wanted ham and cheese to which we replied yes.

A few minutes later out came breakfast consisting of all of the above, except an omelette.

Oh well, we didn't want appear to be rude, so we cleaned up nearly everything.

One thing I've noticed is that Croatians know how to put on a good feed. Every BBQ I've seen has been stacked high with meat, even if it's just for two people, and every meal is a "generous" serve. Another thing they indulge in here is unfair advertising. We were riding along the road when all of a sudden we caught the aroma of roast pork. Then on the side of the road we saw a pig in a spit, golden brown, and calling us in. It's not fair I tell you.

Here's a sample of what we see and smell on the sides of the road. This was outside our hotel. A couple of pigs and a few dozen chickens on spits.

Tomorrow we'll have a look around Zadar, then it's on to Split.

Where's Rex's Buff?

The girls were fighting over this Rex.

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