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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Is Faro wearing us out, or were we worn out when we got here.

Friday 22/3/13

It was another quiet day today as we are exhausted. I don't think we realised how tired we really were until we stopped here in Faro. It's been a pretty full on ten months. I've also accepted that I must have pulled a groin muscle on our Moroccan adventure, and the cold night in the snow didn't do my hip any good whatsoever. I'm hobbling around like an old man. Hang on a second...I am an old man, so I guess it's OK.

Today we just hung around the club, did a bit of washing, sorted out some mail, and I caught up on some more blogging. 

When I was downstairs I noticed that every single person that comes through the door says hello to Farense and gives him a pat. He's probably the most loved dog in the world.

I caught up with Gaspar who I met last Saturday night and he was surprised we were still here. So am I. It turns out that Gaspar owns a restaurant called Wax which is down on the beach. There was a club ride planned for tomorrow but it's been cancelled due to the forecast heavy rain, so Suzanne and I had planned on visiting the beach tomorrow instead. (Funnily enough a bit of rain doesn't worry me any more.) In a classic two birds, one stone operation, we'll go to the beach then have lunch at Wax while we are there.

While we were downstairs Suzanne played with her paint and toyed with the club logo, we just have to get Ruy to agree to having it painted on his head.

There is Moto GP testing at Jerez in Spain this weekend and it's only about three hundred kilometres away. I'm considering heading across there early Sunday morning and coming back Monday, but I'm guessing Saturday night might be a biggie, so it's doubtful.

I hope nothing else big happens in Faro this week, we really need to head north. Soon.

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