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Monday, 25 March 2013

Rest day declared in Faro, Portugal.

Wednesday 20/3/13

We're sitting in Faro waiting for an email with some documents so I can get the BMW fuel gauge issue sorted. The plus side is it's gives us a chance to have a bit of a rest.

I took Suzanne out for lunch at the shopping centre I visited yesterday where I noticed a shop specialising in soup. I've never been much of a soup fan, but this trip has changed that. We had a filling bowl of great soup, then did a little shopping.

We restocked our food supply so we could eat at the club instead of going out and we had a look for a kettle. Strangely enough there isn't a kettle in the club's kitchen upstairs. We thought we could easily fix that. We couldn't find a kettle in the huge supermarket / department store we were in. As we were leaving we found a shop next door that sold electrical goods but we were already loaded up and couldn't carry any more. We'll make a return trip another day. 

After our afternoon siesta we went down to the bar and caught up with a few people. Mid week is a bit quiet, but on Friday and Saturday nights the place is full of people.

I think a nice, quiet rest did us good. This non stop fun time is hard going sometimes.

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