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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nothing to see here. Move along please.

Sunday 24/3/13

There is nothing to say about today. I stayed in bed until four thirty in the afternoon, suffering badly from altitude sickness again. It couldn't possibly have been the alcohol last night. Could it? Or not going to bed until the wee small hours.


NOTE TO LINDA, OUR DOCTOR: Please skip the next papgraph.

We had dinner down stairs and it was something new for us. We were presented with a small bowl with alcohol in the bottom and a grill on top. A reasonably large chorizo type sausage was put on the grill and the alcohol was set alight. A bit like a mini barbecue. Every now and then we had to take the sausage off the grill and squash it between two pieces of bread. The oil from the sausage was soaked up by the bread.

Poor quality image from the web cam, but you get the idea.
You get to burn your own food at the table.

The sausage was delicious  and the bread was pretty good too, after being soaked in the oil from the sausage. I'm sure it was all very healthy. We did try and make up for this by having some pumpkin soup as well.

Eating dinner used up the tiny bit of energy I had left, so it was off to bed. Sooooo tired.

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  1. Altitude sickness is HORRIBLE. I shared your sickness that Sunday