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Friday, 15 March 2013

Seville - We didn't find the pet market, but we did discover Lima beans.

Sunday 10/3/13

We headed out this morning in search of the Sunday pet market we'd read about, but didn't have any joy finding it. We did find a little market that sold cheap Chinese imported junk and pirate DVDs. It was a bit disappointing.

We went back to the hotel, dropped off the bike, and went to work wearing out our shoes again. I pulled a couple of muscles on our adventure ride in the mountains and my foot is still a bit floppy. I'm pretty sure I've pulled a groin muscle, so gentle walking is good exercise.

We wandered and poked around in a few shops and souvenir places. We even bought a couple of goodies to send home.

These little side streets are absolutely everywhere.
You should see the cars driving down them.

Parking the Beetle.

We were sitting down having lunch opposite the shop in the above photo when all of a sudden the girl from the shop ran out and moved four post card stands around the corner. We though that maybe they weren't supposed to be there and someone was coming that would cause trouble. At the same time the guys from the restaurant started packing up their tables and chairs. Then one of them opened a garage door and a car came down the little alley and reversed into the garage. What a rigmarole just to park your car. The owner must get on really well with the people in the shops there.

Of course we made a new friend on the way home.
Left a bit. Ahhhh, that's it.

Back at the hotel we went up to the roof
and shot a couple of pics from the pool area.

Dinner that night was supplied by Cerveceria La Mezquita where we were served by Miguel who was from Chile. This guy was a legend. He was very helpful and nothing was too much trouble for him. Our snack with drinks was the usual bowl of olives, but with a little extra, some Lima beans. Miguel asked if we'd had them before, and when we said no he promptly gave us a demonstration of how to eat them. I can tell you now, Lima beans are another thing that will be on the menu when we get back home. They are Yummo!

Dinner was great and Miguel finished off the night with a couple of after dinner, fire water drinks. I think we'll be going back there again before we leave.

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