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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pasta, painting, and pot in Portugal.

Tuesday 26/3/13

Our planned ride fell through today so Suzanne and I went for a little ride around Faro by ourselves. It was a bit wet, but not cold so it wasn't a problem.

We went into town and searched for La Boheme, a restaurant we saw on our second day here. We found it, but they weren't serving meals, only snacks. That's OK because a snack here is like a meal to us. We sat outside and did some people, stork, and dog watching while we snacked away.

After lunch we rode over to the hotel to see Frank and Lisa, but they weren't there. I think they were hiding from us in the back room after the results from our last couple of get togethers.

We headed out on the road again and did a tour past the airport, along the back roads around the estuary. It's amazing what you find when you go wandering. There are little cafes and bars everywhere here, even in the middle of nowhere.

Feeling like a bit of home cooking tonight, we went home via the supermarket and stocked up on the necessities to make spaghetti bolognese. It's very funny shopping for ingredients when you can't read any of the packets on the shelf. We left with what we though we needed.

The fish section caught my eye today. I saw a couple of eels sitting on ice, one still with a large hook in it's mouth. They were BIG!

After a very nice dinner (thank you Suzanne) Suzanne challenged me to a game of pool. We played five games, and I won three. That's a first, she usually thrashes me.

It was about then that one of Suzanne's little offsiders rolled up and wanted to be painted. While Suzanne was getting her paints Ines and I played pool. She didn't use a cue, and she didn't care what balls she was sinking, but she was having a lot of fun.

Even Ines wants to tell me what to do.

Suzanne painted Ines, then Ines wanted to paint Suzanne. here are the results. Not bad really.

Two different languages trying to work out what Ines wanted to be painted as.

Ines's arm painting on Suzanne...

...and her face painting.
That paint in the eye has got to hurt.

This is where the night came to an end. Suzanne went to the ladies to wash the paint off her face (out of her eyes) and scrounged a cigarette from a girl while she was in there. She then came out and said "I feel really funny and I need to go to bed right now." We found out later that it's common practise in Portugal to lace your smokes with hash. Good one Suzanne. 

A friend from home will be in Faro tomorrow so we're going to hang around until he arrives. He's pretty busy working but if he can get a break we'll catch up for a coffee and a chat.

Then we'll head north Thursday.

Yes, we'll be leaving Faro.

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