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Monday, 11 March 2013

Something has been bugging me in La Linea.

Monday 4/3/13 and Tuesday 5/3/13

Sorry guys, three photo free days. You wouldn't want to see photos from Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday didn't lend itself to photography. On with the story...

Absolutely nothing happened on Monday and Tuesday. Not for me anyway. I picked up a bug somewhere and wasn't going more than ten feet away from the bathroom for anyone. Suzanne played mum and looked after me (thanks Suzette), and did a little shopping for supplies. It wasn't food poisoning so I don't know what it was. I just lay around sweating, shivering, and cramping up like there was no tomorrow. The other symptoms don't need describing. I just tried to sleep, and watched a lot of Spanish TV. I will say that the Imodium we have in the first aid kit is amazing stuff.

Wednesday 6/2/13

I was feeling a lot better today, probably about 70%, so we decided to make a run (pun not intended) for it to Seville, find an upmarket hotel, and recover in comfort.

We checked out of Hostal Carlos 1 and the guys were very kind, checking on how I was. They are a great crew there, and if you're ever down that way and after a budget hotel, I'd happily recommend it. The rooms are clean and cheap, but they are budget remember, and they are smoking rooms. The food downstairs in the restaurant is authentic Spanish, excellent, and very cheap. if you're crook, the soup is a real lifesaver.

We were on our way to Seville, but first we had to make a quick stop at La Jarra Helada to see Jesus. It was closed, again! Suzanne did a bit of detective work and discovered Jesus has slipped down some stairs at home, hurt his back, and was home in bed. Get well soon mate, your alcoholic pommy customers Tony, Steve, and Peter need you. Who knows, the way this trip is going, we might be back there again.

We made a quick lunch stop at that big American hamburger company for a bite. I needed something bland in my "delicate" condition. While we were ordering we noticed a guy standing at the counter, waiting for his order, drinking a beer. Yes they sell beer at McD here. 

With that out of the way we pointed our bike down the familiar road toward Jerez, which is on the way to Seville. It had been a wet start to the day but we were doing OK dodging the rain. In fact the wettest I got all day was when we were loading the bike.

My nemesis, the wind, however was present again. Initially it wasn't too bad, then it played it's old trick of gusting badly from one side. It was annoying  but not a real problem. Then it showed me a new trick. It blew at just the right angle so that when a truck went passed in the opposite direction we were belted. Hard. There was a loud "crack" as the wind hit us, the the bike shook and wobbled all over the place. It was hard to hold onto and scared Suzanne each time it happened...and that takes a lot. Passing four trucks close together was, I suppose you could say, exciting. The rest of the ride was just a free way run through farmland and not a very exciting at all.

Late in the afternoon our wheels were rolling on the cobble stoned streets of Seville. The ride in was stunning. We were weaving through all these little back roads that twisted and turned between typical Spanish architecture. The roads were just wide enough to fit cars through, and it was a real squeeze in some spots. Within minutes I had totally lost my sense of direction. I can see the camera getting a real workout here, and I can certainly see us staying longer than intended.

Seville on first impression appears to be what I expected "the real Spain" to be. The buildings and architecture are just perfect. Everything just feels right.

We found our hotel without any problems. The Hotel Rey Alfonso X is a very nice hotel. It has quality bedding, toiletries, lots of room, a bar fridge, and Suzanne's number one priority, a bath. It's funny how little thing like nice soap can make you feel so good when every thing you own is dirty and smelly. Luxury. I need a good rest for a few days to recover from the bug. Next thing I'll want scented candles as well.

A cafe opposite the hotel provided a Tapas dinner. Prices are a bit high here, but we are in the middle of the tourist trap so you would expect that.

Tomorrow we'll get out and explore. I have a feeling it's going to be a good day.

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