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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kenitra to Tangier.

Southern Spain and northern Africa must be the windiest places on earth.

Thursday 28/2/13

Today was a photo free day. It was a motorway running from Kenitra to Tangiers, and to be honest, it was a quick, two hundred k ride that was bloody boring.

It was like Morocco was having a final poke at us. We rode the whole way to Tangiers in horrible, constant side winds. I was leaning into the wind and thought I was leaning in just a little bit. Suzanne said after a while she realised I was leaning out from the bike at about a thirty degree angle. I was having trouble staying on the road, let alone in my lane. It was bloody hard going.

When we got to Tangiers Suzanne and I had a navigational disagreement. To be honest, we've been riding for over nine months now, in atrocious conditions sometimes, and we haven't had many disagreements at all. I'm so lucky that Suzanne accepts that I am always right. Luckily she's been trained well by her dad. (Send all your comments to malechauvinistpig@idon' 

We finally found our hotel and settled in. Settled into the bar that is. We finally fell into bed, happy that the day was over.

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