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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Barcelona, then a pub crawl on the ship.


The six of us hit Barcelona again today but this time we hired a taxi to run us around. We did the run around the usual tourist stops but the highlights were Gaudi's Park Guell, a visually stunning park designed by Antoni Gaudi, and Sagrada La Familia. There are thousands of photos of both of these Spanish icons on the web so I'll just post two:

Our motley crew at Park Guell.

And another link from one of our readers. Thanks.

Sagrada from a distance. This thing is growing very fast. We've seen it every couple of years for about six years and the changes are noticeable. If you need impressing, take a  look here:

It was a long day so when we got back to the ship we finished of with a few drinks on Lil's balcony and watched the sun set as we sailed away from Barcelona. Then it was down to dinner. It feels like all we are doing on this trip is going from meal to meal. I'm not complaining though.

A very moody sunset over the Med.

You thought that was it didn't you? No it's not. After dinner Suzanne and I met up with Kevin and Annie and joined in on the ships organised Pub Crawl. The theory is simple. Visit five bars and have a beer at each one. No problem there, except...

We got to the starting point, the Crow's Nest, and were presented with a cocktail. As soon as we'd finished our drink they gave us another. We were then led like a band of (very noisy) merry men to the next bar. We then repeated the whole scenario over again. We had now downed four cocktails in about an hour. 

Here we witnessed a Hula Hoop competition between three volunteers from the crowd. Kev jumped straight in as soon as they asked for people to step forward. He may have been helped by my "very gentle" nudge in the back. He was joined by two young ladies soon after. Kev only managed to keep the hoop going for about two seconds while providing laughs for our pub crawlers. The funny thing was that the girls were even worse and Kev ended up winning the competition, and a bottle of champagne  I'm just disappointed that we didn't have a camera with us. Kev ended up leaving the ship as undefeated Hula Hoop Champion of The Mediterranean. 

Off to bar number three. At this point I should tell you that there was a group of about two hundred South Australians on the ship so the majority of our pub crawlers were Aussies, and it was getting a little bit loud. This was encouraged our guide, who had a loud hailer, and insisted that when he shouted "pub" into the hailer we had to respond by yelling "crawl" back. Aussies being very obliging people were happy to help out when we could. Unfortunately i don't think the string quartet, or it's audience were very impressed as we went past.

After more cocktails we made a beeline for bar number four, repeated the whole thing again along with some drinking games before finishing up at bar number five, the Northern Lights Disco. You'd think that ten cocktails would be enough wouldn't you? Well for some reason we were still thirsty and stayed until about 1.30 am just for the dancing you understand. Oh, and a few champagnes.,

All in all it was a fun night, but what will tomorrow bring?

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