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Monday, 15 October 2012

Ukraine - Day 4. 

Outdoor Museum of Ukrainian Culture and Life.


Today we visited a Pirohiv, or Pirogovo which is a Ukrainian outdoor museum that contains examples of Ukrainian folk architecture. The museum has purchased buildings from villages around Ukraine then transported them to this site and reconstructed them. So the whole area is a genuine Ukrainian village containing examples of houses, churches, and a school.

Of course there were the usual market stalls so you could buy things if you wanted to.

 The road into the village.

 Yup, that's a windmill.

 Later on cobblestone roads appeared.

 House of a well off peasant.

 Decorated interior.

 This person was probably a potter.

 Very old wooden church.

 Every kid's favourite - the school room.

Another new friend. This dog followed a school group around all day.

 Lily in the field. Oh, I crack me up.
 Another old wooden church.

Most of the day I was thinking "I wonder if this is like dad's village?" and so on. It was pretty cool, but we wanted to see the real thing. Will it happen?

We were told about a great Ukrainian restaurant called "Two Rabbits" in town, so off we went. We had our usual feed of Borsch and Vareniki. We worked it off with a walk back to the hotel. I don't know if it really helped though. 

On the way back to the hotel we spied this car. A four door Porsche. The standard of cars here is amazing. I haven't seen a Lada yet.

The girls researching tomorrow's tour.

This was just before we all joined in a spirited debate about immigration in Australia and the Muslim religion.

It's a big day tomorrow. We board the train at 6am to Poltava, the district our family comes from. That means a 4am wake up call.

Will we be lucky enough find any relatives or family history there?

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