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Friday, 19 October 2012

Ukraine day 7 - A day off recovering.


Sorry guys, no photos from today.

We visited the Poltava Archive office across the road from the hotel first thing. We wanted to get a copy of dad's birth certificate if possible  With that we might be able to find information on the family going even further back. It's nice to find that it doesn't matter where you go in the world, some things ever change. "I'm sorry, we don't have those records here. You'll have to go to Kiev." I can see us dancing the bureaucratic run around on this one.

As we walked back outside Mykhailo said "We have not tried to contact Alla". Alla is Valya's cousin that she told us about, but had lost contact with). So Mykhailo pulled out his mobile phone and called the number we had been given. Next thing we hear him speaking lot's of Ukrainian and it sounded very much like he was issuing orders. As it turned out the number was still current and Mykhailo had first spoke to Alla's husband, and then Alla. He told  Alla that who we were, that we would be back in Kiev the day after tomorrow at 12.30, and that she had to meet us at our hotel and take us to the Kiev Archive. As I said previously, Mykhailo makes things happen. In a couple of days we meet another second cousin. This family tree is getting big, and very interesting.

We wandered around Poltava's shopping area just enjoying the day and the occasional coffee. I asked Michael the same question I had asked Nilla about the young ladies who were dressed to the hilt. Immaculate hair, perfect makeup  fashionable clothing, and short skirts with super high heels. Not that I noticed. He backed up what we had been told. They are out to snare a rich husband. Damn, I know I should have worn my suit and carried my fake Ferrari key chain. Mykhailo then said to me, "It all changes once they get married." I like Mykhailo.

Tomorrow is our last day in Poltava. We have a tour of a weaving factory and a museum visit booked in. It will be sad to leave here as it's such a nice place. It'd definitely somewhere I'd like to come back to. Maybe it will be easier getting a visa next time now I have rellies to visit.

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