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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Palermo Sicily, Italy.


Suzanne decided today would be a rest day and stayed tucked up warm and comfy in bed while I braved the wilds of Palermo with the other four in our crew.

After running the gambit of hawkers wanting to sell us anything and everything we made it into town. Oh boy, they just don't give up when you give them a polite no.

We jumped on one of those double decker city tour busses you see everywhere. We've  found them to be a good way to see the sights if you have limited time. They offer a get on get off service, a commentary, and are reasonably cheap as well. With one loop out of the way we sat down for a coffee and then hit the next loop. To be honest, what I've seen of Italy so far hasn't impressed me. It's cities are dirty, overcrowded and really have nothing to offer that I want. Sure the historic buildings are exceptional, but as far as I'm concerned, that's about it. I'll reserve my judgement until we've had a chance to ride our bike through the back blocks and meet the real locals in their own environment. I'm guessing it will be totally different.

Here are some shots from the day:

How awesome is this little 50cc, two stroke, Fantic motorcycle? It would weigh nothing. I sooooooo want one. How much fun could I have on one of these and not break too many laws while I'm at it? 

After our city tour we braved the hawkers and walked back to the ship.

Once back on board it wasn't long before we left port and immediately felt the ship rolling for the first time on this cruise. We were in our usual hangout, the Crow's Nest, and enjoying our drinks so it wasn't a problem. As the night moved on the seas got rougher to the point where over dinner the cork from our wine was rolling all over the table. As the night grew to a close people were having trouble walking along the corridors. We experienced the roughest seas we had encountered on the trip.

Suzanne had stayed in the cabin and lay on the bed. She'd been fine up until today but the motion was getting to her tonight. She had two dresses hanging on the wall to dry and they were swinging from side to side so they were quickly dispatched to the wardrobe. It wasn't rough, it was just movement and up until now we hadn't experienced any at all. Most of us thought it was fun.

Our next port of call is Naples. Hmmm, more Italian mayhem?

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