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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Our last port of call, Naples, Italy.


So today we are in Naples again. OK let's get something out of the way right now. I don't like Italy. It's dirty, smelly, the people are very rude, and apart from some historic buildings and the best bottle shop in the world I can't see anything it has going for it. I'm in no hurry to come back here again. If I do I'll avoid the cities like the plague.

We had a quick wander around and found an internet cafe where Suzanne rang her mum and dad, then decided to go back to the boat for lunch.

These are my bikes parents. They're thirty years plus now and still going strong.

We had a debrief about the cruise late in the afternoon where we were told what would happen tomorrow when we all try and get off the ship at once with our suitcases. Shane had a much better plan and laid it out for us. I think we'll go with Shane's plan. 

Shane our cruise director tells us what to expect tomorrow when we disembark. Thanks for everything Shane.

 The crew's final goodbye.
These guys are a fantastic team and work tirelessly to make every day perfect.

Tonight is our last night in board and it was a little quiet at dinner with Kev, Annie, Bob, Nina, Lily, Ron, Suzanne and I. It was great meeting you guys and I had a load of fun. I hope you did too.

Off to the last show we went. A mind boggling juggler, a magician, and my favourite Flamenco guitarist. A very pleasant way to finish off the cruise.

Tomorrow we leave the ship, which will be sad, but we fly to Kiev Ukraine. I keep joking that we have lots of cousins there, we just have to find them. With only about 45 million people that shouldn't be hard. 

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