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Monday, 22 October 2012

UK Face and Body painting Convention.

6, 7, 8/10/12


Suzanne and I dragged ourselves out of bed about 10am. We are both now deep in the grips of this horrible cold that is doing the rounds at the moment. We made a quick trip to Tescos across the road and I bought some new socks and jocks as well as a clean shirt to wear today, which used up the remainder of our $400 travel insurance money. I'll be interested to see what happens when we submit our claim. If we don't get our case back by tonight, we'll have another $400 to spend tomorrow. I'd rather have my case.

We walked into the convention and it was like coming home. There were so many people we haven't seen since the last convention and it was really good to catch up with them all. Lynne Jamieson and Bec Anthony were there from Australia so it felt a tiny bit like being in Oz talking to them. A lot of people at the convention were sick as well, so I didn't feel so bad staying around and sounding like a barking walrus, coughing all the time. After mingling for a few hours I was starting to feel like a blob so I left about 4pm and went home to bed. I stayed there until late afternoon the next day. The Saturday night dinner is a high point of the convention with everyone donning fancy dress in keeping with the theme of the convention, which this year was Alice in Wonderland. This year's dinner sounded like it was a great night, as it was last time. I'm really, really sorry I missed it.

Suzanne must have been crook because she arrived home fairly early as well. What a pair of party poopers. Sorry guys, we promise to do better next time.

Here are a few photos I stole of the interweb...

Remember the photo from last night of Simon Smith
painted and asleep? Well this is his work (assisted by Annie Duncan). It's amazing. Stacey isn't a bad model either.

Here's another shot.

That's our friend Angela in the middle with 
Percy the Flamingo, and Annie Duncan on the right. Percy made a few appearances at Angela's house when we visited.

You'll read about it soon.

Angela and Percy. A rare shot where they are both behaving.

The beautiful Anne (with makeup). It's a shame she didn't speak a word of English...she's from Scotland.

I'm sure as usual the face and body painting crew had a wonderful time. Like I said, I'm just disappointed I missed it. With a bit of luck I'll be fine tomorrow and we can do it all again.


I'm staying in bed. Those of you that know me well know I'll always keep going, but this thing has got me and got me bad. I stayed in bed for nearly twenty four hours. I surfaced at about 5pm and went to the convention. I socialised for a while, had something to eat, then made my way back to the hotel asking Suzanne to say goodnight to everyone for me. I think the last few months of non stop action has caught up with me as I'm just not getting any better.  : (

The good news is that our suitcase has arrived at Angela and Percy's house. I just hope that my camera is still in it. By rights we had another $400 to spend because we didn't get the case back in seventy two hours, but I just feel too sick to care.

Sorry guys, I was stuffed.


I actually started to feel a bit better today. Suzanne headed over to the convention and I loaded up the bike. Our room was so far from the front door it took me five trips and heaps of time to get organised. I was wearing all my riding gear and sweating like a pig. By the time I'd finished I realised that i wasn't any better at all.

Suzanne was taking part in a beginners airbrush course today with Flavio Bosco, my favourite airbrush artist. I was happy to sit in the open area and just drink soft drinks and rest. It did give me the opportunity to have a good chat with Rosey, the event organiser. She's a pocket dynamo and has been putting this event on for ten (I think) years. She does a fantastic job and the event is a lot of fun as well as a huge learning experience for painters of all levels. I actually get so inspired when I'm at Rosey's convention I feel like picking up a brush and having a go. And trust me, I'm no artist.

With Suzanne's airbrush lesson out of the way we said our goodbyes (I REALLY hate that bit) and mounted the bike to ride to Stoke on Trent to spend a few nights with Angela and Percy.

 Like a walrus, I've fattened up for the winter.
Getting ready to head off.

 Let's roll.

 Gone. Suzanne's pillion position keeps cars away,
unfortunately it attracts roosting crows. 

We have hardly any photos of the two of us on the bike. Thanks Lynne, I stole these from your Facebook page. It was great to catch up again.

A couple of hours later we pulled into Angela's driveway and put the bike on the stand after another cold and wet ride. After we settled down we saw "The Suitcase" I was very nervous as I opened it as I really thought my camera would have gone missing. To say I was pretty happy when I saw my camera would be a gigantic understatement. Yahbloddyhoo!

We had a very nice dinner with Angela and her husband John, along with Jo (from the convention) and her hubby Jim. We also had a couple of drinks. Percy made an appearance late in the night and someone's wife, whose name starts with S, was very rude with him.

Percy sniffing face paint.

It turned into one of those nights which went til the wee small hours. It was a very funny night and we had lots of laughs. Hopefully we'll recover a bit more in the few days we're here.

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