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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Eve in Soldeu, Andorra.


It was an interesting way to spend Christmas eve.

We rode into Andorra la Vella which is the main city in Andorra, and it's much like any other city, but surrounded by mountains. It has cops, lots of people, traffic, shops, and parking inspectors. As with any civilised country, if you ride a bike you can just park on the footpath wherever you like. It makes life so easy.

The ride in was very enjoyable as the road has lots of sweeping bends, climbs and descents to make it fun.

Looking down the main drag outside our hotel.

All the roads here are like this.

We wandered around the shops for a while. I was keen on picking up a compact camera for Suzanne to use on the back of the bike. The SLR is a bit heavy and awkward to use with thick gloves on. As Andorra is a tax free haven, everything is so cheap. We looked at a few different cameras, including a Go Pro which I love, but then decided that the SLR would be fine and money would be better spent on our travel budget. It's a worry, we must be starting to become responsible.

A few shops later we found a department store to end all department stores. It was huge and had everything. We walked in through the cosmetics department (don't you just love that guys) and of course had to have a look. I'm glad we did because we found a little something extra for Paige for Christmas. It's on it's way Paige we hope you like it. The staff here are fantastic. When we were looking at Paige's gift, we didn't know exactly how it worked, so a sales person (who spoke no English) came over, pulled out a box, and showed us exactly what to do. Extra helpful and no pressure. She made the sale.

We continued to wander around the shop. 

Take a look at one side of one of the FIVE aisles of chocolates. 

The cheese section was just unbelievable.
This was one of four fridges.

And you need ham.
Suzanne models the latest in hambags.

Then there was the alcohol section.

Check out the Champagne prices girls...

It appears that the actual food part of the supermarket is the only place you can't take your dog. So the supermarket provides "Dog Parking."

...and of course, we stocked up on Kinder Pinguis.

We had a quick bite to eat, did a little shopping for our usual meat and cheese supplies, and some cat food but more on that later, and decided to head back to the hotel.

So why did we buy cat food? Well, there is a woman at the hotel we have nicknamed "Crazy Cat Women". I think she's the chef. She has rescued a stray, somewhat feral cat which now lives in the space between the outer and inner doors of the hotel. (Juliet, you'll be pleased to know that I can pick the cat up after only two nights here.)

We thought about this for the cat,
but it already has a bed.

Mario, the manager of the hotel pays for it's food, but we thought it might like something a little special as a Christmas present. Crazy cat woman was over the moon with the cat food and gave us both huge hugs and kisses.

Mario is a great guy. He is so attentive and has looked after us very well, right down to setting up his computer in the bar to play music, and taking requests.

We ate dinner at hotel again and stayed on for a few drinks. Mario obviously had work to do, so he left the bottle of wine for Suzanne, and the bottle of Baileys for me, on the table. bad idea.

I think we went to bed about eleven, but I'm not sure.

Our Internet access here is intermittent at best, and there is no mobile coverage. So to our family that we've tried to call, sorry we couldn't get through. We miss you all and hope you had a great Christmas.

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