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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Goodbye Luxembourg, France, here we come.


I was very happy when I looked out the window at 8.30 and saw sunshine. It was going to be a good day. Unfortunately our early start plans were thwarted and we ended up riding out of Luxembourg about 1 pm.

Check out these strange little creatures. They were everywhere near the car park outside our hotel.

For those of you who remember The Lost Forrest Suzanne used to manage, 
I think these are Snuggles.

One of the reasons we were late was because we found a Damart shop across the road from the hotel. Damart sell thermals and I've seen the brand around for years, since I was a kid I think. I'm thinking they must be good. We decided to try the gloves and socks so we splurged and bought them for the both of us. lets hope they work.

Winter warmers...I hope.

I knew I was very low on fuel so I headed out solo and straight for the closest petrol station on the sat nav. Having been caught out by this before, and finding no petrol station at the location when I arrived, I checked on the web before I left. No problem...

...yes there was. No bloody petrol station. Then I ran out of fuel. I ended getting a taxi to a servo, buying a container and some fuel, and taxiing back to the bike. Sitting in a taxi with the heater on high, while wearing all your riding gear, isn't a good idea. I was cooking. I fuelled up the bike and rode back to he hotel to pick up Suzanne.

What a great idea.
We stayed in a biker approved hotel.

OK, sightseeing time. We trundled around the old part of Luxembourg and it was stunning. The buildings are exceptional and give the place a real feel that the modern part lacks. It was pretty dark due to the clouds  and the rain, then the snow...but it was still well worth seeing.

Gelle Fra, Luxembourgish for "Golden Lady", is a war memorial dedicated to Luxembourgers who fought in WW1.

We were riding down a steep down hill, wet, cobble stone paved road. "What could they do to make it worse?" Why did I ask? The end of the road was closed off and we had to turn around. That wouldn't have been too bad but the ground had large patches of ice everywhere. Suzanne had to get off the bike while I negotiated the turn around manoeuvre, very timidly. It all went well and we decided it was time to leave Luxembourg and head for Dijon.

Could it possibly get any worse? Yes!
It may not look like it, but this was a challenge.

Of course, just as a final goodbye, Luxembourg snowed on us as we rode off down the motorway. It was cold.

Our first stop was Metz,about sixty km from Luxembourg. My thermals were wet with sweat from the mornings efforts and taxi ride, so I was very cold, and Suzanne was cold as well. We had lunch and as it was already 3.30, we decided to stay the night in Metz.

We found one of the F1 motels on the sat nav and it's only thirty three Euros for the night. When we got there it's self check in with your credit card, and a shared bathroom. It's certainly not flash, but it is cheap. Will we use them again? We'll see in the morning. 

Lets see if we can play catch up and make Lyon tomorrow...

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