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Friday, 7 December 2012

We're in Amsterdam for another day.


We had a bit of a sleep in in the morning and it was extremely cold, so we chickened out and decided to stay another day. There are certainly worse places to be stuck than in Amsterdam.

We went for a stroll into town to find a cafe for breakfast / lunch and came across a nice little place that came complete with a cat.

He was a VERY playful cat and I went home with a few good claw injuries on my fingers to prove it. 

He had a great right swipe. 

Come on. Play with me.

He was a lot of fun, and loved playing with drinking straws. After lunch we were leaving and the owner said to us "We are open from eight to five, and the cat will be downstairs just after eight." I think she realised I liked playing with the cat.

After that we walked across town to Anne Frank's house. It was a very sombre experience walking through this museum. We are talking about a thirteen year old girl's life and her suffering at the hands of the Germans during the second world war until she finally died just before the liberation.

I cannot fathom how this sort of thing was allowed to happen, and it's recent history. The problem is that we are still doing the same thing in some parts of the world. The human race has a lot to answer for and a lot of growing up to do. I hope our children do a better job than we, or our parents, have done.

After the Anne Frank visit we had a very quiet dinner and caught a taxi back to the hotel. It really was a very moving experience.

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