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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Our last day in Pezenas.


It got me. Suzanne has been sick for a few days and when I woke up this morning I was crook as a dog. There's no way I'd ride with my head the way it is, I probably couldn't even balance the bike. So another day in the hotel.

On the positive side, we can visit the markets again in the morning. I hope our little pig is there again.

We did get out for lunch, and it was a very nice feed with Suzanne having veal, and me having a perfect steak. This was followed by a short walk around town in the evening. The streets looked really pretty with the cobblestones being wet and the Christmas lights shining on them. After visiting a few shops and an art gallery, and meeting a few dogs, we made our way to the supermarket and bought another three course meal.

 Some of the nicest Christmas decorations we've seen.

 Wet cobblestones. Great to look at,
treacherous to ride on. I now think ABS
on bikes is a good idea, just not in Western Australia. 

Goodnight Pezenas.
We will miss you.

Then followed an early night with the plan of heading off tomorrow filling our heads. Our early nights have been non existent for the last few days. Around eleven o'clock they show a couple of English speaking shows on TV over here. It's two or three episodes of a series. One night was Dexter, the other was Spartacus, and last night was NCIS. It's funny, when you haven't seen TV for so long, and something is on in English, we have to watch it, even if it means going to sleep at about two am.

We will leave Pezenas tomorrow! Sniffing or not.

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