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Friday, 21 December 2012

Yes, we're still in Pezenas.


I checked with Suzanne first thing this morning and all I got was a groan. Her head cold had gotten a lot worse. It's no fun at all riding when you feel like that, so I guess we'll just have to stay in Pezenas for another day. Our overnight stop has turned into five nights here. That's a real shame. Not! (I think Suzanne has an appointment with a real estate agent later.)

We actually stayed in the room all day until about six when I went to the local supermarket and stocked up on some goodies for dinner. We enjoyed a good selection of meat and cheeses, along with foie gras. Not to bad for a supermarket feed.

Does anyone know what the letters, BMW, in our bike's name stand for? No, according to a friend of mine it doesn't stand for Bavarian Motor Works. I stands for Big Mykolajenko Wheelbarrow. Thanks John Waring, that's going to stick.

Our blog has now had over 9,000 page views. What started as a means of letting a few friends and family know what we are doing, and that we are OK, has turned into a much bigger project than I imagined. We have readers from all over the world, including a lot of countries we've never been to, or know anyone from. The top ten at the moment are Australia, the UK, the US, Russia, France, Canada, Greece, Germany, Spain, and Austria.

Will we escape Penzenas tomorrow? I don't know, and I don't mind if we stay to be honest...

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