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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Boy, talk about one extreme to another. Yesterday the Lemur experience, today Renovation Rescue.


As both Paul and Juliet were away today Suzanne and I kicked it up a gear and put in a last ditch effort to clear out Paul's office and reinstate it as a dining room. The plan was to remove everything from the office, pack it into Juliet's car, and drop it off at the warehouse tomorrow. After a spring clean (in winter) we would move the dining room table and chairs back in to the dining room from the lounge (sitting) room. It couldn't be too hard could it?

Easy, we were into it. Well, I was while Suzanne slept in. Obviously a lot of Mojitos make you tired. The room was emptied, apart from a large desk which I'll need to disassemble to get through the door. That was easy. I didn't get anything into Juliet's car though because it didn't stop raining all day long. Apart from that, all was well.

Or so I thought. There were some shelves bolted to one of the walls. OK, let's take them down, and the angle brackets, and the battens holding them. Oh look, the wall is wallpapered, and when you pull the wooden batten off the wall, the wall paper comes away with it. Next step, we'll strip the wallpaper, off all three walls. Then we'll fill the holes left by the shelf supports, sand the walls, sugar soap the lot, and then give the whole room two coats of paint. And we can't paint the walls without painting the ceiling first, can we?

What was initially a small job removing the furniture from a room turned into a Renovation Rescue and decorating exercise. What have we done?

We had planned to leave on Monday and are having a farewell get together here tomorrow night in the dining room. It might now be a bring your own paintbrush party.

Can we strip the wallpaper, fill the holes, sugar soap the walls, and give them two coats of paint before the guests arrive tomorrow night? Of course we can.

Can't we?

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