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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sophie's Birthday, and a pizza thief!


After way too much fun the previous night we all had a bit of a sleep in and declared today a recovery day. It was Sophie's 18th birthday so we planned a birthday dinner of pizza, followed by one of the best birthday cakes I've ever had. A Flake birthday cake. I've never seen them in Perth, but I will be on the look out for them when we get home.

Sophie, the birthday girl, in her red panda suit.

The pizzas were tasty and between the seven of us we ended up having a whole pizza, plus a few slices, left over. Perfect for lunch the next day. Suzanne left the pizza on the kitchen bench and Tina came up with an idea. "Midnight dog snack? Yes, I think I will, thank you." Tina demolished nearly every piece of pizza, and even left pizza crusts in her bed as evidence. 

Who, me? What pizza?

I think Skittles and Olly may have helped in some small way as well. No lunch time pizza for us.

We finished off the night playing "Draw" a much funnier version of Pictionary. Suzanne, Juliet and I failed miserably. I maintain we let Sophie win because it was her birthday. 

This was followed by "Name in a Hat" but I snuck off to bed again. By the sounds of the laughter I heard until the wee small hours it must have been a lot of fun.


All of the extended family headed home today with Paul going off car hunting with Matt. They finally found a neat little Peugeot and Matt was on his way back to Uni. Paul was back in the front door at about 11 pm. 

Suzanne and I made another visit to the walk in medical centre to top up our medications. Getting old is a pain. This time we had a three hour wait. Each time we go there we are told a different story. Today's Doctor just wrote out the prescriptions and it was no hassle at all. The interesting thing was that the prescriptions were written on a blank piece of A4 paper, then stamped. The Chemist didn't bat an eyelid when we gave them to her, and she filled the prescriptions without a problem. The system works over here, but it works a different way each time you use it. Strange, but still good.

Jo and Nina arrived later in the day and there was much painty talk for the evening. Apparently there was some heavy discussion about UK painting groups, which was followed by more "Name in a Hat." Once again I was in bed, snoring. Suzanne managed to climb the stairs to bed sometime early in the morning.


Great news, Suzanne's was up early this morning and raring to go today. She even took Tina for a walk. Paul and I made a half hearted effort at progress on the Secret Squirrel project. We did a little but expect big progress tomorrow when some new equipment arrives.

Tomorrow morning Suzanne joins the travelling roadshow of Jo Sykes and Nick Wolfe to travel the Scottish Highlands on Nick's ten day face painting tour. Highland coos (that's Scottish for cows), haggis, black faced lambs, and snow. Have fun Suzanne.

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