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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Your chance to tell us where to go.


Suzanne's team didn't show up last night, they got caught up in traffic and continued straight to their next destination near London. It was probably still the traffic jam I was in yesterday morning.

The most exciting things I did today after updating the blog were taking Tina for a walk to the shop, and cleaning our helmet visors. I have some you beaut, speciality cleaner from the Isle of Man. It's supposed to stop fogging inside, and bead water off the visor on the outside. If anyone can make something that will do that, it would have to be a Manx-man wouldn't it. I'll let you know how it goes. Other than that it was pretty quiet.

Damn you Internet, computer, spare time, and Malbec (only one bottle). In the words of Baldric "I have a cunning plan". Lets make the next leg of our trip really interesting. How about you guys tell us where we go. It has to be accessible from Europe and not cost a bloody fortune. How about you send in your suggestions either here or on Facebook? Maybe we'll go the the destination that gets the most votes. (Subject to ratification by you know who). So far the leaders are North Cape, I'm really keen, but I think it might be a "little cold" this time of year, and Las Vegas with Emma in a hot tub. That is also very appealing, especially the Emma in a hot tub part, but very expensive. Post your suggestions now either here in the comments, or on our Facebook pages. This could be fun.

I did have a laugh today. I'd mentioned Sam and Clare who are starting their two year moto adventure next month in a previous blog post. I've also mentioned that I like to be early at airports and have plenty of time. Well, Sam and Claire were ready to fly to Austria to pick up their brand new KTM 690s. They got to the airport, early. In fact a whole day early. I hope this isn't an indication of their organisational skills or they're heading for trouble.

The Wolfe team have nearly finished the whirlwind UK tour They are taking a day off tomorrow and visiting Stonehenge. I truly hope they don't try and paint the stones. Then they'll be back here in the evening. Suzanne, Jo, and Nick, added to our crew. I can see it's going to be messy.


  1. You're both welcome here! Not sure about the bike... how are you at driving on snow, ice and in -60C windchills?

    1. Thank you Shannon, you're very kind. As much as the snow, ice, and wind chill are very appealing, it's the cost of getting to Canada that prevents us from coming.