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Monday, 5 November 2012

Essex Birds, more painting madness, and a Monster's Banquet.


It was a long day and lots of hard work today. We made massive progress on the Secret Squirrel project though. One of Paul and Juliet's friends Mike came over to help and we really got some stuff done. Thanks Mike. After dinner I pulled the pin early and went to bed leaving Mike asleep on the lounge. Paul obviously didn't work hard enough because he was still wide awake.


Today we all piled into Paul's bus and made our way to The Essex Birds Jam, a Face and Body Painting jam that was organised by Caroline Porter. The crew there really know what they are doing and the quality of the painting was fantastic. 

Suzanne catching up with the lovely Fran Heaver.
This is the before shot of her model...

 ...This was during...

...And this was the final result.
Not bad eh?

 Our host, Juliet, during her "monster" demo.

And the finished product.

Part of the day's proceedings was a competition, just for fun The theme was Christmas.

 This little guy (six years old) came second with a brilliant snow man on his mum's arm. Complete with snowflakes.

This was Erica's demo.
I couldn't believe how quickly she can do perfect swirls.

Suzanne decided to have a little play and tried out the Cameleon paint that Paul sells.

It was a fun day, but we had to make a hasty exit. We had a Monster's Banquet to go to in London. Paul had a retail stand at the jam so it was packed up very quickly and we were back in the trusty bus heading home to prepare for the nights shenanigans.

What is a Monster's Banquet. I'm glad you asked. Here's the description from the Facebook page for the event.

"The Beggar's Banquet presents.....

THE MONSTERS BANQUET - A Halloween Special!

From plough to plate over 40 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK each year. Be part of the solution, join us for our gruesome food waste feast of 5 terrifyingly tantalising courses!

Enjoy live music and entertainment including:

Texas Radio - check out their music here

The Haunted Circus - including Lucas Wintercrane
and Leo Wintercrane - Hula Hooper Extraordinaire!

The Extreme Photo Booth of Death

Scary Storyteller from the Highlands

Live Scream Printing with monstrous art for sale

So dust on your cobwebs, pull those skeletons out of the closet, grab the nearest black cat, and come on down!

Friday 2nd November in Hackney Wick

7-11pm, Tickets £30

Tickets only available online at:

This event is a community fundraiser for The Peoples Kitchen, Rejuice, The Luna Collective, and The Koyaanisqatsi Trust"

The bottom line is that this banquet was entirely catered for by the guys collecting food that was going to be thrown away by the retailers in London. I guessed there were about 100 people there that all had a big feed on the night. It's terrible to think that all this food is thrown away on a regular basis. It's great to see this team doing something positive and helping others at the same time. Well done guys.

OK, that's the serious part out of the way. This was one fun night. Everyone who was there was in the theme of the night and were having a great time. Juliet's daughter, Phillipa (one of the organisers) was face painting til we arrived then Juliet and Suzanne took over.

Yup, this looks like the place.

Suzanne warming up.

 Juliet wielding her brush...

...and we have a wolf.

 Paul's daughter Sophie (Happy 18th Sophie) and her mum Maggie.

Juliet and her daughter Phillipa.

Phillipa sans black wig.

Suzie had a small break for some food.

I swear  there was no one there when I took this photo. 

 Super cool warehouse location.

Hula hoop display extraordinaire.
Kevin, you're in trouble.

Juggling in the dark is no mean feat.
The flash made it look very light in here.

Storyteller at work.

Always remember to bob for apples BEFORE you get face painted.

 Signature Suzanne painting.

 This is Michael. He wore a great costume and played the part well.

Sophie is either a very good actress,
or she was really scared in this shot.

 So , I'm giving this guy my phone number, and when I stand up... head is on fire. Oops.

Another Suzanne creation.

Suzanne's favourite photo, a design by Philly.

The band ripped it up after dinner.

The glamourous Holly getting stuck into the cleanup. 

When I start eating vegetables, it must be time to go.

It was a great night with everyone having a fun time and doing some good as well. Thanks guys.

The only downside to the night was that Matt, Paul's son, wrote his car off on the way to London. He's fine but the car is history. Paul made the 180 mile round trip to pick Matt up, so unfortunately they missed a lot of the night. The main thing is Matt is fine though. I guess it's car hunting tomorrow.

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