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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My bike gets some TLC, and a bath.


You know how some days everything just feels good. I felt remarkably good when I got up this morning despite last night's late night. It was ten am by the time I rode out of the front yard toward London to drop my bike off for it's service. The ride into London was just brilliant. I was nice and warm, the bike was running beautifully in the balmy eight degree temperature, and there was fog everywhere. It just felt right.

Riding through London gives me a sore neck though. I'm looking left, right, and mainly up at all the amazing buildings and beautiful statues that are dotted throughout the city. It really is a stunning city to visit.

I dropped the bike off to be serviced and Park Lane BMW  offer a free taxi ride to the nearest tube station. 

My poor, lonely bike waiting for some attention.

When I got out of the cab I just wandered around the area near the station. Boy, are people crammed in here or what? 

There were about four of these here. 
I can't say it's somewhere I'd choose to live.

I found a great little play area for kids. It's a fenced off garden, complete with lots of trees, climbing equipment, and stuff kids love. I don't know who owns or runs it, but it's free to go in. It's a bloody great idea. 

I nearly didn't recognise my bike when I picked it up. The dirt from fourteen countries was gone and it was sparkling like a new one. It purred like a kitten on the way home through the London traffic. Even though I was stuck in Friday night peak hour, I had a great ride home. I'm really looking forward to rolling down the road again.

One thing that I still can't get my head around is how early it gets dark here. I was riding home just before five and it was as dark as midnight. I kept feeling like I was late. I guess it's something you get used to if you live here permanently.

I got home just as Nick's class finished so we all went and had a pub dinner with Nick and his students. After that we went back to Juliet and Paul's for a small social gathering. I decided I was going to beat midnight to bed for once and called it a day at about 11.30. In bed before twelve. Yahoo!

I've been asked to post a few photos from our little get together, so here they are:

 Heather introduced a new party game.
You have to see how many matches you can get up your nose, without using your hands!

Juliet appeared to be far to good at this game.
I think she may have played before.

The bike is now ready, although it will need a set of tyres very soon. I reckon I can get about another 1,000 miles out of them if I take it easy. We just need to load up and get going. The countdown clock is ticking.

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