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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

There's a Wolfe at the door.


Yes, there was a Wolfe at the door today. Nick Wolfe. Nick is a highly respected artist from the US and is in the UK 
on a tour holding face painting classes around the country. Our friend Jo is driving Nick up to Scotland for a few of the classes and in my drunken stupor one night I insisted that Suzanne should go with them. I was taken advantage of I tell you.

Unfortunately nick's twin brother Brian, who usually travels with him, couldn't make this trip. Brian is battling pancreatic cancer and currently undergoing treatment. Jo and her UK face painting friends have produced a very nice range of T Shirts and a calendar to raise funds to support Brian and his family through this rough part of their lives. If you'd like a calendar you will find them here. 

Nick gets his paws on a copy of the calendar.

There is a range of different Ts and you'll find them here:
Open the page and scroll down.

The calendars are 10 GBP and the shirts are only 15 GBP. The shirts are good quality and don't shrink. And they are pretty cool. OK, enough of the ads.

Jo picked up Nick from the airport and then came over to add Suzanne to team for the Great Painty Road Trip. They made tracks around 2pm with a bit of travelling in front of them. Have fun guys. See you in ten days time. Ahhhhh, ten days of peace and quiet.

I Think they'll be passing through Perth,
but not our Perth.

The Scottish Highlands.
This photo is from our last trip there and 
I have a feeling that they'll be all white this time.

Paul and I put in a big effort on the project today. We finished about 10 pm and got a lot done. It's almost at the point where we can reveal all, but not quite. Another big day tomorrow and we'll be right on top of it.

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